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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Plan ahead if you want to change your ISP

Lounge member mike21 wants to switch his ISP when his current contract ends. How does he most effectively avoid losing his contacts, any new mail sent to his old email address after he makes the switch, and his old emails, too?

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Payment processing for a small business

Lounge member Drewski runs an IT-support service and needs to be able to accept credit cards.

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Tech-support scripts from Down Under

Maybe in your recent lifetime you’ve accumulated a few hours on the phone having conversations with tech-support people. The Sexy Detectives, an Australian sketch comedy group, have clearly felt your pain.

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New music of the spheres: using marbles

The Swedish musician, composer, and instrument inventor Martin Molin built the Wintergatan Marble Machine and performs with it in this video.

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This guest TV-weather guy likes danger

Television station WGN in Chicago features Friday Forecasters, students who deliver the weather reports Friday mornings. The fearless forecaster in this video is Charlie Hale, a second grader at the time.

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How to stop malware-prone employee downloads?

A Lounge member asks how to protect a work computer containing valuable data from an employee who has repeatedly downloaded Trojans and other malware onto it.

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Technology that baffles young and old

When several pairs of grandparents and grandchildren sat together to confront technology questions, tech incomprehension happens in different ways.

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Comparing notes on Office on Windows 10

Lounge member JytteC has three new PCs, all equipped with Windows 10.He bought Office 2016 and installed it on all three machines, with such unhappy results that he took off the new Office and reinstalled the old Office 2003!

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