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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Evaluating ISP’s security recommendations

Lounge member Not Brightest Bulb wondered about the motives of his new ISP, Frontier, when it sent an email advising him to upgrade his email security settings. He hates scare messages. What kind of outfit is Frontier, anyway?

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Don’t have to be batty to like bat babies

The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre in southeast Queensland, Australia, stays busy most of the year rescuing orphaned and injured bats. Most people hope never to encounter the spooky creatures, but Trish Wimberley, who looks after hundreds of baby bats year after year, can carry armloads of them at feeding time.

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When your ISP server is blacklisted

Lounge member Compiler uses Thunderbird email on two computers. Mail sent from one machine made it to a recipient; mail on the other didn’t. “Why?” Compiler wondered in the Non-Outlook email forum.

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Canine joyfully breaks household rules

Many dog people suspect that their canine companions indulge in forbidden impulses when left unsupervised. Sometimes those suspicions are based on bits of evidence — such as misplaced pillows and wrinkled bed covers — people find when they return home from work. This dog’s human must have surmised that something was going on behind her back. She set up a monitoring camera trained on the bed the dog was not supposed to occupy.

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Service says you’re online when you’re not?

Forum member davy had exited Skype and turned his PC off, but his friends still “saw” him online — according to Skype. Davy wondered why and asked for help from fellow Loungers in the Social Media forum.

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Most of the venom has been taken out of her”

Based on the evidence turned into a video by cabdriver/comedian James Failla, most people violently and profanely hate snakes. The day the cabbie took his friendly reptile to work, various passengers leapt out rather than complete their rides in company with the driver’s curious but calm companion.

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Rethinking passwords and their keepers

When Lounge member DavidToronto aired his reservations about password managers in the Security & Scam forum, he launched a discussion about security that went well beyond how one uses a particular tool.

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Getting past obstacles but not over your nerves

Hikers, bikers, drivers, and train passengers can test their luck and courage on bridges all over the world. Would you willingly cross platforms that seem to float miraculously high over chasms, or tread on old rope-and-wood constructions swaying over rocks and rushing rivers?

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Phone calls from knowledgeable strangers

Imagine Lounge member Cmptrgy’s frustration: A friend turned her computer over to phone scammers less than a week after he’d restored her troubled system to a good-as-new state. She wasted $200 and four hours, all because strangers told her they were from Microsoft Technical Support. She was “warned” that she had 30,120 infections — which they could fix.

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A more extreme version of Olympic speed skating?

If you caught any of the speed-skating events at Sochi, you know that the sport is extremely unpredictable and has a high potential for serious injury. But you probably never imagined these races enhanced with Pac-Man sorts of obstacles.

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