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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Lounge members discuss costs of upgrade

When an enthusiastic early adopter pauses to ponder whether he really ought to add Office 2013 to his collection of new toys, he brings his question to the Lounge. Wherein a discussion of licensing terms, business- and home-use subscription models, and the good sense of keeping an older Office ensues.

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Russian crash-cams catch crashing meteor

The world was thunderstruck last week by images of the meteor that had streaked across the Russian sky, blasting windows, injuring or startling bystanders with flying glass, bricks, tea, and pots of flowers — and generally shattering Russians’ usually steely nerves.

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Call it unreliable: your precious hard drive

“I think my HDD is going bad,” says Lounge member Look — which isn’t nearly as grim a statement as “I think my HDD is dead!” It pays to watch, not wait, for failure of your hard drives because you remain vigilant about backing up your data.

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Beautiful gray horse takes up hip-hop

The equestrian sport of dressage is an endeavor few of us would associate with the musical artistry of hip-hop. But as Blue Hors Matiné shows with exceptional flair — as well as the discipline required of dressage horses — a fine artist (horse or human) can do wonders with any form or music.

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Maintaining a computer: The car analogy

The small network of old, underpowered computers at work in a restaurant causes various problems for the owner — and for cmptrgy, the computer-literate friend who tries to rescue them. When cmptrgy describes these troubles in the Lounge, he’s offered both practical advice and philosophical remarks on the nature of maintenance.

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New Year’s resolutions of mysteries

Life in our digital world is much like life in the organic world: you can count on sudden failures, persistent difficulties, and disconcerting discoveries. Windows Secrets readers are never shy about telling us what they think we missed in a story — or what problems they encountered when using our advice.

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Football people say the strangest things

This past Sunday, millions of people parked themselves on their sofas to swill beer, down chips, and nibble chicken wings — oh, and watch the Super Bowl!

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Pursuit of high-risk happiness via surfboard

Some people, not naturally endowed with feathers or fins, go to a lot of trouble for their flying-over-water fun. Among these are the contestants in the Mavericks Invitational big-wave surfing competition, where the waves can loom 100 feet high.

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As if paying taxes weren’t hard enough

Sometimes your software makes your tax-paying ordeal even mightier. Lounge member hodget’s first obstacle to completing his tax preparation was upgrading TurboTax.

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Eight bits of animal lore — contradicted

What do lemmings, daddy longlegs, ostriches, baby birds, goldfish, dogs, bats, and frogs have in common? They all are victims of widely shared misconceptions professed by millions of human beings.

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