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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Problem watching sports on a computer

If you have ever tried — and failed — to watch a basketball game (or football or curling or you name it) on your computer, you might have been frustrated by Error 2032.

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Turkeys not in favor of being dinner

If turkeys aren’t the most combative menu item you’ve ever seen, the birds in this video certainly seem to strive for that distinction.

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How best to recover data when you lose it?

Recently, Lounge member Roland JS proposed a series of tests and information exchanges in the Maintenance forum. In the ordinary course of your daily work, he observed, data recovery is not top of mind.

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The bird who might beat you at chess

Whoever uses “birdbrain” as a term of abuse ought to think again — clearly, this time. This BBC video documents the problem-solving prowess of a crow, who can work out an eight-step procedure without losing any of his tools (each of which he has to discover and retrieve) along the way.

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Are you keeping away from the OS bleeding edge?

When Lounge member Fascist Nation read an off-hand remark by tech writer Ian Paul that Win8.1 users are very happy with their free upgrade to Win10, he wondered why some Win8.1 users are sticking with Win8.1

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Famous Northwest artist wary of reporter

More than one Seattle feline has launched a big career on the Internet. Along with Henri, the philosopher cat, there’s also Cooper, an orange photographer and film maker.

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Who maintains Windows — you or Microsoft?

Posting in the General Windows forum, Lounge member moon1130 asked for the denial or confirmation of a frequently repeated rumor: that Windows 10 will be automatically replacing Windows 7 and 8.

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Wally the squirrel decorates a pumpkin

As you might be discovering on the Internet, squirrels can be persuaded to decorate pumpkins. In fact, once a squirrel gets his paws and teeth on one, interrupting the holiday-season munching might be hazardous.

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The mystery of dueling email-service passwords

Lounge member Vincenzo writes to the Non-Outlook Email forum to describe the puzzling behavior of a friend’s email account. Vincenzo’s friend uses as his ISP and Windows Live Mail as his email service. He states, “The Cox email account is the only email account that is configured in WLM.”

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Irish interpreters of baseball study the game

If you’re uneasy about your command of the rules of America’s favorite pastime (baseball, remember? not football), you might take comfort in the likelihood that you know way more about the game than the Irish lads in this video. They genially accept an invitation to watch a match between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals and find much to admire in the details of the spectacle. Although they hatch entertaining theories about what’s going on in front of them, most of the game’s lingo and action and fan behavior bewilders them — but for this one penetrating insight (achieved after the first half of the first inning): baseball is not swiftly paced.

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