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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Opportunistic scam via new tool: Win10 Upgrade

Lounge member Coochin wrote to the Security &Scams forum to describe scam artistry recently practiced on one of his clients. Coochin’s customer, an elderly man, believed the “Microsoft Support” person who called one day and claimed he could fix infections on the client’s Win7 computer.

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Fashion and other tips from Jeremy Lin, NBA star

You might be aware of the basketball career of Jeremy Lin, a Chinese-American playing presently for the Charlotte Hornets under Michael Jordan. He’s the object of Linsanity, a frenzy of fandom that arose while he was playing very well indeed for the New York Knicks a few years ago.

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How to learn video editing: starting with tools

Lounge member cosmlou made a wedding video and wants to extract five minutes of audio and video from one DVD and burn it to another. He doesn’t know how to do that, so he asked, in the Graphics/Multimedia forum, what he needs to do and use to accomplish the task.

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Don’t lose your head over enticing offers

Horrible Histories broadcasts tv shows and occasional PSAs on CBBC and BBC in Britain. Fortunately for us, they also post some of their videos on YouTube. Which is why you get to see how the 16th-century English noblewoman Lady Jane Grey reacted to a spam offer (of the throne of England) on her anachronistic computer. If you didn’t know already what Mary Tudor, rightful heir, thought about fake offers in the ether — and why you, too, should be suspicious — you’ll learn it here.

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Angles on the bootable USB flash drive

Lounge member tb75252 posted in the Other Applications forum, asking how to make a USB flash drive capable of booting a computer. Meanwhile, in the Windows 7 forum, Lounge member nanv asked a similar question, although a little more urgently; her computer didn’t come with a CD.

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Unintended consequences of selfie-stick abuse

Just as you catch up with the art and science of selfies, you discover a newly extending hazard: selfie sticks. In the old days, selfies happened at arm’s length. But now, narcissistic self-regard has easily parodied consequences, as you can see in this video. Beware the range of a selfie stick!

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Preparing for bad digital-life eventualities

Lounge member Rhinoceros has been thinking about economical ways to recover from a system failure. He’s particularly concerned about recovery when his machine won’t boot.

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If Henri, le chat noir, were your host

We realized recently that we had not been keeping up with Henri, the famous Seattle feline philosopher. We’re happy to report that Henri continues to think out loud. On the other hand, he’s had occasion to consider canine nature since the last time we visited him. You might imagine that Henri’s musings aren’t likely to lead to the complete happiness of any dog he studies. Too bad for the sweet dog in this video.

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Learn something new about an old app

Lounge member naomi inherited an org chart created in Visio but found it partly crippled: boxes moved only horizontally, not on the vertical plane. She asked for suggestions for solving this problem in the Other Apps forum.

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As if Berlin were a whole little earth

When German photographer Jonas Ginter dressed up in a crocodile suit and took his 360-degree GoPro camera crew on the road (and river) in Berlin, he created a beguiling little planetary experience for viewers.

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