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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Data limit affects cost of cloud-storage uploads

Lounge member Frodough backs up his “My Documents” files to OneDrive. This practice seemed like a good idea until Comcast imposed a 300GB-per-month data limit.

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Sun-drunken solstice revelers parade in Seattle

Many people think they correctly understand Seattle as a city of industrious, tech-startup people or hard-working indie rock musicians living in a surfeit of glorious coastal and mountain scenery muted by damp weather. If you think that sums up the Seattle vibe, you haven’t seen the Summer Solstice Parade.

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Must Comcast customer host public Wi-Fi hotspot?

Lounge member OneDave is perplexed by features of his new Comcast modem. He posts a list of questions about the modem and Comcast Internet services in the Networking forum.

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Great, expensive fun: Falling-down robots

In this video compilation from Day 1 of the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, scientists learned important matters from their exercises. But these flailing robots are also fun to watch.

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Protecting passwords on multiple devices

Lounge member Trev has used KeePass happily for years on his Windows PC. These days, he’s branched out into other devices, so he asks Loungers in the Non-Microsoft OSes forum to recommend a KeePass-compatible app for his Android tools.

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Versatile Finnish cover band also plays hockey

When the members of the band Steve ‘n’ Seagulls cover a song and make a video, they don’t leave many of their ideas unexpressed.

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Lots of chatter about Win10 upgrade this week

A number of Lounge posts note the sudden appearance of Win10-upgrade invitations on Windows machines. Lounge member lylejk was the first to broach the topic in the Win10 forum, but other Loungers soon chimed in with upgrade worries, speculation, and some news about rollout date and eventual price.

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Sporting pig and friend catch some waves

Kama the pig lives on Oahu, which might help explain his transcendent calm while standing on a slippery surfboard as the Pacific Ocean swells toward shore.

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Learning to use Visual Basic for Applications

Lounge member ADAMESKI wants to streamline the repetitive process of filling out forms at work. He thinks a couple of VBA commands show potential, but he’s unable to make them work.

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Elephant fixes her water-pressure problem

In the midst of bathing, Faa Sai, the elephant, decided to adjust her personal sprinkler. Her plumbing techniques might not work for everyone, but they were certainly effective for her.

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