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PC and Mac put the bum’s rush on Linux

In the battle of Windows vs. Mac, the proponents of both often look at Linux with derision. But comparing stats, capabilities, and usability just doesn’t compare to one simple factor — how an operating system feels to its user.

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Choosing the ideal external back-up drive

Having a reliable external hard drive is fundamental to a good backup and archival storage strategy.

But deciding which drive is best-suited to your needs can be mind-boggling. Speed, capacity, overall size, and price are all important factors in the final choice. And then there are the intangibles. Are you going for the latest designer shape and color?

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Help for a hijacked e-mail identity

Having your e-mail address hijacked by spammers is more than irritating; it can damage your reputation and make communicating with friends and business associates painfully difficult.

Sometimes spammers simply steal your e-mail identity and send out thousands of unwanted messages under your name. Even worse, they might install malware on your PC and send their dreck from your own machine without your knowledge.

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Pouring a cup of tea — with exuberance

Normally, preparing a morning cup of tea offers little more elaboration than nestling a lemon wedge on the teacup rim.

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Picking the best all-purpose media player

There’s no shortage of digital media players to choose from — iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and others can all do the job.

But picking one that works well with a variety of portable music devices can be surprisingly tough.

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Unexpected gift leads to a greedy end

When an overworked office worker’s copy machine malfunctions, fate gives him a portable black hole — and the knowledge that life might have suddenly taken a radical turn for the better.

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Taking control of troublesome startup apps

Programs that automatically start up when you boot Windows can be time savers. But they can also be a pain in the neck.

That’s often the case with programs that automatically install themselves as startup apps and that offer no obvious means of removal.

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Transforming a chin-warmer into bird cage

The art of beard- and mustache-sculpting sometimes lends itself to whimsy, with soul patches and muttonchops usually marking the height of creativity. But add a little competitive incentive, and things can quickly move to the bizarre.

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Technology enables a dog to sing beautifully

When it comes to conversation, what we hear from our canine companions is usually limited to “woof” and “grrr” — and maybe a mournful howl in tune with a passing siren.

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Cleaning a PC demands a delicate touch

Periodically cleaning the innards of your computer is a necessary task. Accumulated dust and detritus can cause overheating and component failure. But safely removing dirt from the delicate parts of a motherboard requires more finesse than simply blasting them with canned air.

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