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How to Work with Microsoft Office on an iPad with iOS 11

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS offers some benefits for Office users who own an iPad. Apple’s iOS 11 brings several enhancements to the iPad. And those of you who use Microsoft Office on certain model iPads can take advantage of them. iOS 9 introduced a couple of features that can display two apps on the screen at the same time. So for example, you can see both Word and Excel together side by side. Now, with iOS 11, you can drag and drop text, hyperlinks, and images from one app to another. Further, Office users who use OneDrive for backing up and syncing their documents can rev up Apple’s new Files app. The Files app helps you connect to and access files stored on OneDrive as well as other online storage sites. Let’s check it all out. For this article, I’ll assume you run Microsoft Office on your iPad. In my article on How to Choose and Use the Mobile Version of Microsoft Office, I explain how Office Mobile operates on a phone or tablet, and under what conditions you can use the suite for free. Update to iOS 11 First, make sure you’ve updated your iPad to iOS … Read More »