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IMAP secrets — what you need to know

Sometimes described as the best-kept secret on the Internet, the IMAP
e-mail protocol might more accurately be thought of as “Exchange Server for the
rest of us.”

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Protect Internet Explorer without SP2 — part one

To defend your PC against unwanted pop-ups and other security threats
that propagate on the Internet, your best bet is to install a
Web browser other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). Brian and I
recommend the excellent Mozilla Firefox, which has been the subject of previous
columns by both myself and
Brian. We’ll have a complete review of Firefox in the
Windows Secrets Newsletter after the 1.0 Gold version of the new browser is
released, which is expected on Nov. 9.

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Microsoft’s little-known note-taker

Last year, Microsoft released an Office family product called
OneNote. You may not have heard of OneNote, because Microsoft
curiously chose not to include it with any of its Office 2003
product bundles (Standard, Professional, and so on). Or you may have
dismissed this application as one you can do without.

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