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Susan Bradley is a Small Business Server and Security MVP, a title awarded by Microsoft to independent experts who do not work for the company. She's also a partner in a California CPA firm.

Tools for foiling malicious links and files

Every day, malicious websites and attachments try to trick you into downloading their dangerous payload. Fortunately, there are websites and tools to help you determine what’s safe and what might be a trap designed to steal personal information and money.

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What you should know about the Win10 launch

Microsoft has begun its major push for Windows 10 on billions of PCs. If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, there’s a good chance you’ve had alerts for the new OS — on your system. The mighty Microsoft marketing system is taking an entirely new approach to introducing the next Windows. Here are the facts, not the hype.

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How a packet sniffer reveals local net traffic

How often have you looked at an ostensibly idle PC’s flashing drive-access light and wondered: “What’s my computer doing?” Some of that activity is internal, but much of it also involves external devices and services. Here’s how to get a peek at that otherwise hidden network chatter.

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