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Tony Bradley is the founder and principal analyst of Bradley Strategy Group. A recognized technology expert, Bradley has authored several books and writes for leading technology publications.

A review of Win10’s new security features

Given the increasingly sophisticated nature of malware, it’s no surprise that Microsoft built new security capabilities in Windows 10. The company also enhanced its built-in encryption tool, BitLocker, to make it easier to protect your data.

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What Microsoft needs to include in Outlook 2016

As already rumored and expected, Office 2016 is confirmed by Microsoft to be on the (relatively) near horizon. In my opinion, there’s one feature that absolutely must be included: a unified inbox for Outlook.

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Why continuing support for XP is bad math

More than a few Windows XP users are willing to pay Microsoft for more updates to the now effectively obsolete OS. In theory, doing so could produce billions in revenue for Microsoft. Here’s why it’s not going to happen.

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Botnet innovation: Resistance is (nearly) futile

Since their inception, botnets have been one of the more difficult threats to neutralize, and new and innovative techniques are making this malware even more difficult to stop.

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