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Egg-ceptional: Flash animations that rock and roll

A lowly egg rolls into your browser window on a smooth, azure-colored
background. The ovoid object kind of seems to be following your mouse
pointer around, but then…? It begins to have a life of its own, too.
As you watch, the egg takes on new shapes, grows legs, walks around,
turns into a cube, and more. You’re at Vector Park, a place where
a little Flash goes a long way. After you’ve tired of Eggy, click the
pointing hand icon and you’ll find plenty of other stuff to look at.
My favorite is Leaves, but it’s impossible to describe. You have to
see it for yourself.

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A celebration of political moderation

Reader Larry Best nominated as this week’s wacky site a Web project that
he himself helped put together. It’s “Sherman P. Wright’s Celebration of
Political Moderation.” It’s billed as Republicans poking fun at the
“Big-C Conservatives” of their own party. But I found that the site takes a few
pot shots at liberals for good measure, too.

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How to upgrade the Java VM on Windows 2000 SP4

W2K SP4 also won’t allow an updated version of the VM
to be installed, as advised the “critical” security bulletin

MS03-011, if the VM was never installed in the first place.

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Internet Explorer error message for WMD

You’ve probably seen IE’s famous “404” error message every time you’ve made a
typo when entering a Web address. Now Anthony Cox,
a British blogger, has created an error message for our times: “These
Weapons of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Displayed.”

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