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U3 flash drives rendered useless on some PCs

Readers are adding more weight to our less-than-glowing reviews of U3 flash software.

Many corporate IT administrators block U3 use completely, so if you use USB flash drives at work, you may want to avoid this platform.

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A flustered Microsoft posts Windows Update trick

Sept. 27 story on problems caused Windows Update’s stealth installs was widely circulated other news sites.

In the wake of the media coverage and user complaints, Microsoft quickly cobbled together a response that confirms the problem and provides a manual fix.

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Readers state concerns over Windows Update

The Sept. 13 issue of Windows Secrets reported that Windows Update sometimes installs files without notice, even if auto-install has supposedly been disabled.

Many readers are dismayed to learn that their control over their computers is compromised and are asking how they can prevent this in the future.

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