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Richard, a 30-year Navy veteran, has been watching and writing about tech for over two decades. He is a Microsoft MVP and senior contributing editor at Penton's SuperSite for Windows.

Ask @WinObs – What is 19H1 And Why Should I Know About It?

Here’s why you’ll be seeing 19H1 mentioned a lot: Microsoft confirmed that 19H1 is a new code name for the seventh feature update for Windows 10. Microsoft is a big fan of code names and they have been using them for years on various software/hardware projects. A code name helps, well at least sometimes it does, to keep the identity of a new product under wraps while it is being worked on internally at the Redmond company. You might even remember some of them from over the years: Windows 3.1: Janus Windows 95: Chicago Windows 98: Memphis Windows ME: Millennium Windows 10 RTM and November Update: Threshold (TH1 & TH2) Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update and April 2018 Update: Redstone (RS1, RS2, RS3, & RS4) Of course, the sixth update as already mentioned will be Redstone 5 (RS5). It is the final update to use the Redstone code name. The new code name, 19H1, breaks down into two elements. The 19 represents the year of the update’s release – in this case, 2019. The H1 indicates the update was released in the first half of that year. Although that makes for a possible 6-month window the update … Read More »