What works for you: Hotmail versus Gmail

Megan morrone By Megan Morrone

The newest version of Hotmail might not have Gmail’s cool factor, but it does have some new features worth a second look.

Find out how Windows Live Hotmail stands up to Gmail in terms of spam filtering, security features, and social-networking integration.

New developments in spam filtering

Remember when spam e-mail was just annoying sales pitches for stuff we didn’t want? Then unwanted e-mail morphed into a delivery vehicle for viruses and spyware. Now we also have to contend with a constant barrage of fraud and phishing scams designed to trick us into giving away our personal and financial information. Such messages might even trick us into installing malware ourselves.

Along with our browsers, our e-mail program is a first line of defense against these kinds of scams.

Both Gmail and Hotmail have filters that whisk away spam before we see it, and they both do a pretty good job of not ensnaring our important mail in the same net. The services get smarter by analyzing spam data from their large subscriber bases and by using technology originally developed for other parts of their companies.

In the case of Hotmail, Microsoft utilizes the same spam-filtering technology (SmartScreen) used in Microsoft Exchange Server and Internet Explorer. In other words, Microsoft isn’t just saving the good stuff for its paying customers.

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