A concise guide to the Win8 Consumer Preview

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If you’re not yet fully engaged with a smartphone and haven’t learned the gestural language of computer touch screens, Windows 8 will feel like new media, indeed.

You’ll be glad to know you have a friendly guide in My Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A Sneak Peek at the Windows 8 Public Beta, by Windows Secrets contributor Katherine Murray. This book explains everything — from using the colorful components of the Windows 8 interface to finding your apps; using the seamless Web; and buying, displaying, and engaging music, photos, and games.

This month, all Windows Secrets subscribers can download excerpts. Chapter 1: “Wow, Windows 8!,” helps you understand the new look of Windows and how to make things happen in it; Chapter 5, “Exploring Windows 8 Apps,” teaches you to work with Win8 apps and how to get new apps from the Windows Store.

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