From apps to Office on Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Troubleshooting The Kindle Fire is smaller, lighter, and far less expensive than Apple’s iPad, and it’s the top-selling tablet on How to Do Everything: Kindle Fire by Jason Rich is the complete guide for every Kindle user — new and experienced. This month, all Windows Secrets subscribers can download two excerpts from the book: Chapter 5, See What the Kindle Fire’s Built-in Apps Are All About; and Chapter 8, Access, View, and Edit Microsoft Office Files on the Kindle Fire. If you want to download this free excerpt, simply visit your preferences page and save any changes; a download link will appear. All subscribers: Set your preferences and download your bonus Info on the printed book: United States

Excerpted from How to Do Everything Kindle Fire, by Jason R. Rich (McGraw-Hill; 2012) with permission from McGraw-Hill


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