Getting a jump on Microsoft Windows 8

Learn Microsoft's Windows 8, out of the box The future of Windows has arrived. Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system, is a dramatic departure from previous versions of Windows. Whether they’ve been heartened by the new direction Microsoft is taking or they consider it a major mistake, all Windows users should have a basic understanding of the new OS.

Windows 8: Out of the Box, by Mike Halsey, is written to get Win8 users quickly up to speed. This month, Windows Secrets subscribers can download Chapter 10, “Keeping You and Your Family Safe.” You’ll learn about setting up user accounts and about viruses, malware, and phishing. You’ll also learn how to use Windows Defender and how to browse safely with Internet Explorer 10.

To download this free excerpt, simply visit your preferences page and save any changes; a download link will appear.

Information on the book: Publisher’s website.


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