Microsoft’s EMET 5 has some teething pains

Following a recent story on EMET 5, some Windows Secrets readers ran into trouble trying Microsoft’s anti-zero-day security application. Their reported problems with EMET might be due to software incompatibilities. Here’s an update.

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OneNote 2003 drops to $99.95, doesn’t require Office 2003

In our story on the improvements that Service Pack 1 bring to Microsoft’s
OneNote note-taking program, we said in our
Aug. 5 newsletter that Microsoft had cut the list price
of the full product in half to $99.95 (U.S.).

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Microsoft juggles documents on Web site compatibility with SP2

The June 17
edition of this newsletter (which was known then as Brian’s Buzz on Windows)
carried a main story about the coming Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. It said,
“SP2 will include a new version of Internet Explorer” that will “block
ActiveX controls, downloadable add-ins, pop-up windows, and other features
commonly used in many Web sites. If you or your company maintain a site,
you owe it to yourself to check Microsoft’s list of changes and adjust your
technology accordingly.” We recommended a Microsoft document entitled
How to Make Your Web Site Work with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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Windows 2000 SP4 co-exists fine with MS03-026, TruSecure now says

In the August 21 issue of
Brian’s Buzz, I printed a paragraph based on a security alert the
TruSecure Corporation, a usually reliable source of computer advisories. The
alert involved what would happen if a Windows 2000 machine with Service
Pack 3 machine was upgraded to SP4. If Microsoft’s critical

MS03-026 patch (KB

had been applied to SP3 to protect against worms such as Blaster, TruSecure had
said, installing SP4 would undo the protection provided the patch.

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