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SpoofStick developer responds to article

The June 3
issue of Brian’s Buzz on Windows described how you can keep black-hat
hackers from capturing your passwords and credit-card numbers when you type
them using your PC.

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Solutions to working with offline files

In my last issue, reader Glen Loopresented a problem
that plagues his
users when they move from one office to another. As he put

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Using offline files remotely – but within the same domain

Glen Loowrites:

“We use ‘offline’ files for our laptop users,
typically comprising their personal and shared folders on the
network. The problem we have is that when the user works from
another office but on the same domain (we’re in New Zealand and
the office is in Australia), Windows connects the drives to the
original location rather than ‘work offline.’

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XP password story makes good reading worldwide

My top story last issue – that Windows XP allows anyone to log on to the
Recovery Console without entering an administrator password if they use
Windows 2000 CD – was picked up media around the world.

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