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Managing news in a high-tech company town

The widely covered and “immediate” departure of Steven Sinofsky, the now-former Windows chief at Microsoft, late Monday night is a big story. It’s also a story full of speculation and qualifiers such as “some say,” when the topic turns to why Sinofsky left the company.

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New Microsoft patch dedicated to Fred Langa

We’re all used to the constant stream of patches from Microsoft. Windows Secrets covers them in the twice-monthly Patch Watch column. Most of these patches are initiated by the diligent work of security specialists. But a recently released Microsoft Fix it patch, KB 2578723, springs from our very own ace writer Fred Langa, and his weekly LangaList Plus column. In his May 12 article, “Win7 network stuck in ‘Public’ mode,” Fred gave his steps for fixing network-location problems. Later, Fred wondered if those steps could be made more simply with a Microsoft Fix it button. So he contacted fellow columnist Woody Leonhard, a Microsoft Thailand MVP. Woody in turn passed the suggestion on to Microsoft, and the rest is, as they say, history. Congratulations Fred! This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.

Windows 8 — Lots of smoke, little fire

A couple of days ago, one of our readers sent me a link to a Windows 8 video demo that I’d missed. Since then, there has been something about Windows 8 from almost every computing pundit. Well, I’ve watched the demo and read the stories, and most of it is simply journalistic junk food. Almost all of the Windows 8 stories are the same spin on that one quick, thin Microsoft demo. What is now known comes down to this: the demo showed a radically new interface for Windows. There was nothing in the demo about important new features or major changes to the architecture of the OS. I suspect that the demo was a trial balloon. There’s probably a big battle within Microsoft over what Windows 8 should look like. So MS put out the demo to see what the pundits and future users would say about it. In my humble opinion, it would be a mistake. Why take a format that is optimized for small screens and move it to full-sized displays? One wonders if Microsoft will ever really understand fundamental PC usability. Most stories state that Windows 8 will be out in 12 to 18 months. My … Read More »