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Readers find alternatives to costly ink cartridges

Any way you slice it, inkjet ink is an expensive commodity that requires frequent replacement.

Fortunately, some readers have good ideas for economizing and getting the most ink for your money.

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Microsoft owns up to Vista Ultimate letdown

As reported last week, Microsoft’s Vista Ultimate team has been missing
in action when it comes to supplying the “Ultimate Extras” that
were promised back in January for the new OS.

But, since our
June 28
story appeared, the team has finally broken its silence,
making its first statement since Mar. 13.

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Free sub extension for ZoneAlarm customers

For months, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite has claimed on its box to be “Vista ready,” but users found otherwise.

Fortunately, the company has now released a Vista version of the suite and promises to make it up to customers.

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Connecticut teacher gets a second chance

You all know the story of how adult pop-ups almost sent a substitute teacher
to jail for 40 years.

In a follow-up to his original

Feb. 22 story, our contributing editor Ryan Russell reports on a
possible reprieve.

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Get OEM discounts when you upgrade your PC

Scott Dunn


May 24 issue
continued our discussion of OEM software, explaining that any hobbyist can be
a system builder and buy these products at a discount.

Additional documentation from Microsoft’s Web site makes it even more clear
that you neither need to build a computer from scratch nor join
the Microsoft Partner Program to qualify for the lower prices.

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