Known Issues

Readers’ revelations on DEP and software discounts

Windows’ Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature provides important
protection against malicious code, as I described in my
May 3 article.

But additional free tools reported our readers make the feature even more
accessible to users of Windows XP.

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Readers contribute to the discount debate

Following last week’s

story on OEM software, readers raised legitimate
concerns about OEM discounts and some crippled academic software.

Other readers offered even more ways and places to get software with a
whopping educational discount.

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More on getting your educational discount

Reader responses poured in after last week’s article about the steep
academic discounts available for Windows and other software.

Some readers felt that we took a U.S.-centric view. It’s true —
educational pricing isn’t limited to the United States. This week, I’ll
also tell you where to find some of these deals in the U.K.

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