Backup on OneDrive: It Finally Makes Sense

If you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365, you already have a full terabyte of data in the cloud. And thanks to some recent changes to OneDrive, it’s now a usable place to back up to. I wrote an article in 2014 on using sync services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, as backup, and I disqualified Microsoft’s OneDrive because it only versioned Microsoft Office file types instead of all file types. Versioning – a necessary feature for a decent backup system – allows you to recover not just the most recent version of a file, but also any reasonably recent version. You’d want this feature in case the most recent version of a file was corrupted or if you had to walk back some of your work. Because OneDrive limited this feature to Microsoft’s own formats, it didn’t cut the grade until this summer. Now Microsoft is rolling out a OneDrive update that fixes the problem. When the feature hits your PC (I got mine weeks ago), you’ll not only be able to recover last Thursday’s version of your Excel spreadsheets, but your Photoshop files, as well. I tried recovering old versions of files in eight different formats — .pdf, .kdbx, .zip, … Read More »