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Special Issue: Safeguarding Digital Assets

Continuing our theme of taking care of old business in the old year — now that you’ve safeguarded your data, what about ensuring it’s not lost or erased? Several Windows Secrets writers have tackled the unglamorous but vital question of how to safeguard your files so you can always get to them. Dig in. Backup on OneDrive: It Finally Makes Sense Three Built-In Options to Back Up Your Data on Windows 10 How to Move Your Windows Personal Files to a Different Drive Why It’s Important to Back Up Your Cloud Storage, And How to Do It

Special Issue: Protect Your Privacy

I have a friend who calls Cyber Monday “Happy Unsubscribe Day,” for her practice of seeing which unasked-for emails from businesses pop into her inbox, then deleting the offenders. It’s a nicely automatic piece of digital housekeeping: Cyber Monday happens and you find out from whose email lists you need to depart. In this season of online transactions and end-of-year assessments — coming off a year in which we keep learning how tech companies use our data without our knowledge or consent, and we keep learning how loosely they value security — it behooves us to do a little digital housekeeping. Below, you’ll find a collection of helpful how-tos on safeguarding your data. Here’s hoping for a more rigorously private 2019. Know What Your ISP Knows About You How to Secure Your Outlook Email Messages with a Digital ID Best Practices for Backing Up and Securing Your Personal Files How to View and Control Your Private Online Data