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Patch arrives for IE hole targeted by Chinese

As of this writing, Microsoft is scheduled to release on Jan. 21 an update that fixes the Internet Explorer vulnerability behind the recent, highly publicized cyberattacks on Google and other major corporations.

The sophisticated “Aurora” exploit is delivered through common file attachments or links — typically in e-mail or other messages that appear to come from trusted sources — but proven security measures and a little common sense can negate all such threats.

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Why the need to reboot after updating Windows?

Not so long ago, Microsoft promised that fewer Windows patches would require restarting the system to complete their installation.

Microsoft clearly hasn’t delivered on that promise, so PC users need to take steps to ensure that they don’t lose data due to unexpected post-update reboots.

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Make tech rebates work for you, not against you

Rebate scams can make getting a promised discount on products much more difficult — and much less reliable — than it might seem at first glance.

But if you do your homework and take a few precautions, you can minimize the risk and maximize the discounts.

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Obscure Win7 tools can save you time and trouble

Some of Windows 7’s best new features aren’t so easy to find.

These include a problem recorder to aid tech support, a list of the programs affected by a System Restore, more precise power adjustments for notebooks and netbooks, and keyboard shortcuts that open system resources.

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Our new resource is now ready for you

I promised in the Dec. 10 newsletter that I’d notify Windows Secrets subscribers this week about a free service we’ve added to our site.

You have a chance to take advantage of this resource right now, today, with a giant head start — most Internet users still can’t find it using search engines.

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Secure flash drives keep you safe on the road

In a
Sept. 24 Top Story,
I described how to evade keyloggers when using a public PC by storing your personal information on a flash drive.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra to maintain your privacy and security, a specialized flash drive called IronKey can help you stay safe while using an untrustworthy computer.

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Microsoft mucks up Windows 7 licensing

Windows 7 is a great product with relatively few foibles, but there’s one major Win7 mess that has me seeing red.

The licensing terms for the new version of Windows are inconsistent, inaccurate, and downright inane — assuming you can wade through Microsoft’s legalese in the first place.

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Today’s the day to try out our new resource

I promised in a special news update on Nov. 26 that I’d notify Windows Secrets paying subscribers this week about a free service we’ve added to our site.

Our free subscribers will get the word in a gradual series of e-mails to be phased across the week of Dec. 14–18, but until then you have a chance to take advantage of the resource all by yourself.

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Watch for a special notice in your inbox

Windows Secrets has just finished adding to our site a new resource that’s so great I think I might pee in my pants.

I want to tell you all the details — but I can’t! — not quite yet.

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Your Windows 7 migration problems solved

The Windows 7 rollout has gone extraordinarily well, with millions of machines upgraded in just a few weeks.

But some Win7 upgraders have encountered problems ranging from installation headaches to missing games to confusing — boy howdy, really confusing — licensing questions.

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