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LangaList is merging with Windows Secrets

I have important news for everyone who uses Windows. The LangaList — a respected e-mail newsletter that’s uncovered the tips and tricks
of Microsoft’s operating system for nine years — is merging with the
Windows Secrets Newsletter.

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IE 7 needs tweaking for safety

Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which was released to the
public last week, includes several security improvements but still has weaknesses
inherited from IE 6.

I’ll show you an easy way to “harden” IE 7 so you’re protected against
hacker threats that haven’t even been invented yet.

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Vista changes lock out antivirus makers

Microsoft is making

statements claiming it’s going to let security
vendors such as Symantec and McAfee
have access to the Vista kernel. I don’t believe it.

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MS OneCare halts flow of antivirus info

When Microsoft
announced it was entering the antivirus biz, the usual nattering nabobs of
negativism moaned and groaned about unfair competition and unlevel playing

But several recent events seem to confirm the worst: Microsoft may well be using its
desktop monopoly to trump its AV competitors. What do you think?

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Readers reveal the secrets of IE 7

Microsoft’s new browser, Internet Explorer version 7.0, will ship sometime
soon with updated features and better security — so of course our contributing
editor Woody Leonhard explained on
Sept. 14 how to
prevent version 7 from automatically downloading to your PC.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with IE 7, mind you. Woody just thinks
other people, not you, should be the first to get bitten any point-oh bugs.

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Workaround needed for IE hole

Microsoft acknowledged this week a new weakness that allows hacked
Web sites to infect PCs merely displaying specific images in the Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer 7 looms — be prepared

Long the poster boy of Microsoft complacency, Internet Explorer 6 has finally
reached the end of the line.

the end of this year, Internet Explorer 7 will be “pushed” onto tens of
millions of desktops. You’d better be ready.

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How fast does Windows Update update?

Readers have asked me, “How quickly is my computer protected after Patch
Tuesday, if I have auto-updates turned on?”

The question arises because most of the patches that Microsoft posted on
Aug. 8 took a lot longer than
usual to download. It appears that Windows Update, when configured to
download and install patches automatically, didn’t start downloading most
patches until three days after Patch Tuesday. Some PCs didn’t auto-install all
of the security patches until nine days had passed.

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Questions arise on PC World tests

A sweeping review of 10 security suites published in a major computer magazine
last month featured some very unlikely rankings for this crucial category of products.
After examining the evidence, I’ve found that some material facts were omitted from
the article, rendering its ratings useless.

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Should you use Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger — the successor to MSN Messenger — hit the stands
a week ago on
Wednesday. That was version 8.0.0787. Ancient history.

Less than two days later, Microsoft released a new version, 8.0.0792. Hooo boy.
Here we go again.

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