Wacky Web Week

Fox News’s image directory left wide open

A Web user looking through FoxNews.com on July 23 discovered that the site
had left a user name and password wide open in a public area. The password
was then posted on
the giant news-for-geeks service

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It’s 2 a.m. — know where your icons are?

Ever wonder what happens when you leave your computer on overnight?
Does it just sit idle until the screen saver kicks in?

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iPhone features lead to hilarious consequences

Apple’s iPhone was released to much ballyhoo last month. No such product

launch would be complete without a few parodies of its ad campaign

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Windows Live finds more than you think

Our Wacky Web Week column
last week
featured a spoof of a video ad for one of Microsoft’s newest product
ideas. But not every commercial needs a send-up to be funny

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Gamer takes a different look at MS Surface

The big buzz in sexy new technology lately is
Microsoft Surface.
The concept is to embed a fancy, highly graphical computer into
a table top

But not everyone is so excited the possibilities.
Among the skeptics are the folks at
The Sarcastic Gamer.
Check out their twisted trailer extolling the virtues
(or at least the vexations) of tabletop computing.

Watch the video

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Don McMillan explains how not to use PowerPoint

We’ve all seen PowerPoint presentations run amok. The melange of fonts, the garish colors, the bullet lists that go on forever

These mishaps are not lost on comedian Don McMillan. In this short clip, he provides some quick pointers for keeping your PowerPoint presentation from becoming a multimedia nightmare.

Watch the video

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E-cards for any odd occasion

Everybody needs a way to mark those special occasions — birthdays,
weddings, graduations, nervous breakdowns… And, of course, there are
plenty of e-card Web sites to help you send just the right message,
usually for a fee

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See the end of the world in 90 seconds

Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice.
Or at least that’s what Robert Frost wrote. The truth is nobody knows how
the world will end. Still, that doesn’t stop people from speculating

One of the more amusing versions comes from the Flash artist known as
Fluid. You can check out his Doomsday scenario at
AlbinoBlackSheep.com. Please be aware that the animation contains adult
language and national stereotypes that will be offensive to some
readers, hilarious to others.

Watch the animation

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Make your own church marquee

Perhaps you’ve seen them while driving down the road — those backlit,
block-letter signs in front of a church announcing the upcoming sermon or maybe
just providing a thought for the day

But why should religion get all the roadside fun? Now you can, too, with the
online Church Sign Generator. Choose from five different designs, enter your
text, and presto! — a photo of your custom sign appears. You can save
the photo to your computer, or, for a few bucks, order magnets, stickers,
and coffee mugs printed with your message.

More info

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Practice your bunny-surgery skills online

If you’ve ever wanted be a surgeon, you’ve probably realized that your first
attempts should be on something safe — for example, on a stuffed bunny.
Now, you can do just that, without ever hurting the bunny!

This Flash-based game is a demonstration of the services offered 10mg
Interactive of Amsterdam. It lets you resuscitate a dead bunny, then shave
and operate, saving its life — if you can. But, you may find surgery
is harder than you thought. Even virtual surgery!
Play the game

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