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Ask @WinObs: Where Can I Track Updates for Windows 10?

Q. Where Can I Track Updates for Windows 10? A. There has been a lot of talk over the last several weeks about various updates for Windows 10. If you want to keep an eye on these updates it is easy to do because Microsoft documents them all as they are released. Most everyone knows about Patch Tuesday, but as Microsoft recently detailed in on the official Windows Blog, there are multiple update categories which they use to organize the patches they push out for Windows 10 each month. Here is a quick rundown of those categories according to Microsoft: B Release –- This is the well know Patch Tuesday updates which are released on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates are cumulative, so they contain not only new security-related patches, but the ones released in previous months as well. Using the cumulative update process means less fragmentation between Windows 10 devices because of some patches not being previously installed. Typical release time is at 10:00 Am Pacific time – Microsoft’s time zone at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.

Special Issue: Safeguarding Digital Assets

Continuing our theme of taking care of old business in the old year — now that you’ve safeguarded your data, what about ensuring it’s not lost or erased? Several Windows Secrets writers have tackled the unglamorous but vital question of how to safeguard your files so you can always get to them. Dig in. Backup on OneDrive: It Finally Makes Sense Three Built-In Options to Back Up Your Data on Windows 10 How to Move Your Windows Personal Files to a Different Drive Why It’s Important to Back Up Your Cloud Storage, And How to Do It