Windows Secrets

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You’re more advanced than the typical Windows user — you read Windows Secrets! So what do you do when you have PC trouble?

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Extend the life of your PC with Windows Secrets’ best tips

Over the years, Windows Secrets has accumulated a vast amount of information about Windows and Windows-related hardware and software. To make your computing life easier, the Windows Secrets editors pored through several years of published information and compiled the PC Maintenance Guide — an e-book with the best tips from Fred Langa and the other Windows Secrets contributors.

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Google silently corrects Gmail CSRF hole

The good news is that Google has eliminated a security hole that could allow a hacker to get into your Gmail account, as I reported in an
April 23

The bad news is that Google chose to remain so tight-lipped about the change that even its own engineers and many security researchers were unaware of the fix, something that doesn’t inspire confidence.

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Long live audio! Free e-book for subscribers

Most of us have old vinyl albums and cassette tapes that we thought we’d never enjoy again. But in this helpful e-book, Converting Vinyl LPs and Cassette Tapes to CDs and MP3s by Jake Ludington, you get straight-forward solutions to preserve your memories using the playback equipment you probably already own. He rates free and low-cost software that makes it easy for you to convert your LPs and cassettes.

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