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Avoid early Windows 7 upgrade surprises

Microsoft has begun offering deep discounts for folks who order Windows 7 now and take delivery when the product ships on Oct. 22.

While the thought of buying Windows 7 Home Premium for a paltry $49.99 should have most Windows consumers whipping out their credit cards, there are a few “gotchas” you need to know about.

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Microsoft lets you remove IE from Windows 7

To the surprise of many, Microsoft seems to have built into the forthcoming Windows 7 a way to completely disable Internet Explorer, if you know the trick.

Meanwhile, in response to complaints from the European Commission, the software giant is also proposing to ship within the Continent a version of Windows 7 without IE, although Microsoft’s plan would allow PC makers themselves to freely install Redmond’s browser.

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Microsoft claims Windows 7 UAC flaw is by design

Changes to User Account Control are designed to make Win7 less annoying, but they also make the OS vulnerable, according to a prominent researcher.

A very simple Visual Basic script — which in many cases runs without any prompts — can disable UAC completely, without warning.

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