Didn’t receive your newsletter on 4/28?

Unfortunately, it appears that some of the newsletters sent out by e-mail were incorrectly blocked as “spam” by the recipients’ e-mail client or service provider. If you did not receive the newsletter, it was likely because of this.

You can view the newsletter at the following URL:

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The incorrect “filtering” was a result of a number of factors, some we can resolve and some (such as excessive anti-malware checking) are outside our control. As such, there are some steps you can take to help ensure the Windows Secrets newsletter reaches your inbox:

1. Put our “From” e-mail address into your email program’s Address Book and any “safe senders” list it uses. Our “From” e-mail address is always:


We also use a third-party sender to e-mail the newsletter to subscribers. If adding Editor@WindowsSecrets.com does not resolve the issue, then you should add the following domains to your white list:


(Note that you may need to truncate the address to actionmessage.com.)

2. If you have the ability to do so, you can whitelist or unblock the IP addresses of our publishing server, Web server, and in-house mail server:

Thanks for your support,

– The editors of Windows Secrets