The Complete LangaList Plus: 2014, Part 2

July – December

The Complete Langa List Plus 2014 Part 2

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For many years, Windows Secrets’ paid subscribers have relied on Fred Langa’s extensive knowledge of Windows PCs to answer their sometimes simple, sometimes daunting, personal computing questions and problems. The weekly LangaList Plus columns contain a wealth of information for both novice and expert PC users.

Although Fred’s solutions typically apply to readers’ specific queries, the answers nearly always assist many other LangaList Plus readers as well.

Windows Secrets readers often tell us they archive Fred’s columns for current and future reference. So as a service to his loyal readers – and for those new to LangaList Plus – we’ve gathered the entire collection of 2014 columns into two ebooks.

This second volume includes all columns published from July through December. At the end of each volume, you’ll find a handy table listing the columns by topic.

– The Windows Secrets editors

Table of Contents

  • July 3 – Fixing a ‘program blocked by Group Policy’ error
  • July 10 – Problems with Win8’s custom recovery image
  • July 17 – See what’s bogging down any Windows PC
  • July 24 – Follow-up questions about Android security apps
  • Aug. 7 – Running 16-bit programs on 32/64-bit Windows
  • Aug. 14 – How to prevent repair/recovery disc failures
  • Aug. 21 – When Data Execution Prevention malfunctions
  • Aug. 28 – Overcoming the limitations of command windows
  • Sept. 4 – Little-known differences in IE security settings
  • Sept. 10 – A tweak and a free tool greatly improve Win8
  • Sept. 18 – How to avoid Windows 8 sign-in hassles
  • Sept. 25 – More on using a Windows PC as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Oct. 2 – Low tech options for safe hard-drive disposal
  • Oct. 9 – Customize File History’s backups with ease
  • Oct. 16 – How to make standard Windows apps portable
  • Oct. 23 – Solving problems with VirtualBox virtual PCs
  • Nov. 6 – How to shrink huge File History backups
  • Nov. 13 – PC crashes when waking from sleep mode
  • Nov. 20 – Can’t get Windows 10 Technical Preview to work!
  • Nov. 27 – Is it a simple software error — or malware?
  • Dec. 4 – Stay safe when using public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Dec. 11 – Controlling Win8’s auto-synching of settings
  • Dec. 18 – Hacker takes over reader’s PC by remote control