The Data and Internet Security Guide, Vol 1 (E-book)

Basics tips and tools for safe computing – on and off the Web

The Data and Internet Security Guide

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We’ve all been there. You’re looking for a kitchen faucet on a home improvement website. Ten minutes later you’re reading the news online and – surprise! — you see an ad for that very same faucet! How did that happen?
These days, we do so much online — shopping, reading email and news, making large purchases. How do we know what’s being done with our data? Are we being tracked? With all the data breaches lately, how can we be sure our data is secure? And what’s with “net neutrality?” What is it and how does it affect you?

These are questions that we’ve all had — probably countless times. But finding the answers can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the two-volume Internet Data and Security ebooks to get help you stay safe on the Net.

Volume I begins with the fundamentals of online security; the dos and don’ts of working online. Next, we give you some background on the issues of cyber-attacks and malware. We’ll explain terms, trends, and tips for understanding Internet security and why it’s important to you.

Finally, we’ll give you tips and tricks for protecting yourself as you navigate the Internet. We’ll walk you through blocking web-trackers, securing your data, and everything else you’ll need to know to have peace of mind.

Internet Data and Security Guide, Volume II (coming soon) will cover advanced Internet security topics, including data encryption and a tutorial on security certificates. Look for some useful bonus stories, too.

– The Windows Secrets editors

Table of Contents

Online Security Basics

  • Windows Secrets Personal-Security Baseline
  • Why Privacy is Increasingly Difficult to Protect
  • Notes from the RSA Conference on Security
  • Protect Yourself from the Next Big Data Breach
  • A Few Security Lessons from the Target Breach
  • CryptoLocker: a Particularly Pernicious Virus

Tips and Tools for Better Online Security

  • You’re Being Followed: How to Block Web Tracking
  • Take Back Your Privacy When Using the Internet
  • Ways to Secure a Router – and Other Helpful Tips
  • Add Ons that Help Browsers Block Web Trackers