The Data and Internet Security Guide, Vol 2 (E-book)

Advanced tips and tools for safe computing – on and off the Web

The Data and Internet Security Guide

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If you’re truly concerned with online security – and obviously you should be – simply keeping your anti-malware app and browsers updated isn’t enough. There’s no such thing as perfect security, but using some specialized apps and techniques will go most of the way toward keeping your data and personal information completely safe.

In the Windows Secrets Data and Internet Security Guide, Volume I, we covered the basics of safe computing. That ebook discusses how personal computers become infected and the techniques and habits everyone needs to know to block malware, protect sensitive personal information, and prevent data theft. It goes on to review some basic tools for maintaining privacy.

Volume 2, takes computing security to the next level. It starts with a quick review of security basics and then delves into advanced topics such as encryption, password recovery, and malware removal – important knowledge for anyone who wants or needs to keep sensitive information truly secure.

The Internet can be a dangerous place especially in light of the recent incidents which involved a series of celebrity photo hacks. We think these security guides, based on stories from the Windows Secrets archives, can help you make it significantly safer.

– The Windows Secrets editors

Table of Contents

A basics refresher: the WS Security Baseline

Protect your data

  • Better data and boot security for Windows PCs
  • Are password managers truly safe?
  • Data-encryption alternatives to TrueCrypt
  • Pre-encryption makes cloud-based storage safer
  • Send email that only the recipient can read
  • How to reset lost passwords for Windows

Prevent and remove malware

  • Two tips for removing malware
  • Tweaking Windows to block CryptoLocker
  • Shedding some light on security-cert warnings
  • Mobile security: Apps to protect Android devices