The Windows 7 Guide, volume 2 (e-book)

Troubleshooting, tuning, and securing your Win7 system

Windows 7 Guide, Volume 1 

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Since Windows 7’s release, Windows Secrets has rapidly accumulated and published a huge amount of hands-on information about this newest Windows version.

You can find it all in the archives, of course. But there’s so much information there, it can take some time to dig out exactly what you’re looking for, especially with a large topic like configuring Windows 7.

That’s where this Windows 7 Troubleshooting Guide e-book comes in. It contains Windows Secrets’ very best articles on troubleshooting, tuning, and securing your system while using Windows 7.

As usual, this Windows Secrets information doesn’t merely re-state what’s readily available in user manuals and common online sources. Rather, this information expands on, clarifies, and improves upon the standard information that you already have access to and know about.

In the Windows Secrets Windows 7 Troubleshooting Guide, you’ll learn better ways to:

  • Work through Win7’s roughest spots
  • Protect your data – never lose data again!

Each section of this e-book contains multiple articles, but all the articles are self-contained and stand on their own. You can read this e-book as separate articles, or in sections, or as an e-book that you read front to back — you’ll get good information, whichever way you choose.

Where appropriate, you’ll also find many direct links to additional information in the Windows Secrets archives and other reliable online locations so you can quickly dig deeper into the topics and subtopics that most interest you.

We think you’ll find the Windows 7 Troubleshooting Guide’s thematic approach a useful complement to the normal broad sweep of information appearing every week in the Windows Secrets Newsletter.

Happy Windows 7 computing!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Easily work through Win7’s roughest spots

  • Add Windows 7 PCs to Vista and XP networks
  • The crux of the mixed-network problem
  • Solving Other Windows 7 networking problems
  • Win7 can’t see his network shares
  • Simple change in settings speeds Win7 networks
  • Classic networking trumps Windows HomeGroup
  • Easy steps to a significantly faster network
  • Speed Win7 by controlling its visual effects
  • Turning off Windows 7’s fancy special effects
  • Obscure Win7 tools can save you time and trouble

Part 2: Never lose data again!

  • RPV: Win7’s least-known data-protection system
  • Exploring your previous-version files
  • Build a complete windows safety net
  • Step two: Create a full-system image
  • Recovery: the last step in total data security
  • How to recover data from your backups

Part 3: Wrap-up… and looking ahead!

  • Wrap-up… and looking ahead!
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