The Windows 8 Guide, Volume 1 (E-book)

Getting started with Windows 8

Windows 8 Guide, Volume 1

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These days, we have no shortage of polarizing topics, even in the digital world: Mac vs. Windows, Android vs. iPhone, Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, DRM, WikiLeaks, etc., etc. So it’s no small irony that Microsoft has released its most polarizing operating system ever. PC users seem to either love or hate Windows 8.

Here at Windows Secrets, we tried to not take one side or the other in the debate over Microsoft’s newest OS. Don’t get us wrong, – we have our opinions. But we feel it’s more constructive to simply to provide readers who have Win8 – whether on a new system or via upgrading upgrade of an older PC – with the information they needed to get the most from the OS, right from the start.

To that end, we searched through the Windows Secrets archives (Win8 is so new, it wasn’t difficult to do) and compiled our best Windows 8 coverage into this handy e-book. The Windows 8 Guide covers two main topics:

  • An introduction to Windows 8
  • Customizing your new Win8 installation

The first section – An introduction to Windows 8 – covers the confusing differences between Windows 8 and Window RT – two operating systems that look and work in very similar ways, but have some extraordinarily important differences.

We then take you through the basics of navigating Windows 8’s dual (some say, dueling) interfaces and some important initial setup steps.

In the second section – Customizing your new Win8 installation – we delve into the Windows 8 tiles, how to get the most out of File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer), and how to use standard keyboard controls to navigated Win8’s touch-centric interface.

We think you’ll find this concise reference useful, as you start to learn your way around Windows 8.

Happy Windows computing.

– The Windows Secrets editors

Table of Contents

An introduction to Windows 8

  • Win8 vs. Windows RT: What to know before you buy
  • Win8 boot guide: Your first hour with the new OS
  • Eight simple steps for setting up Windows 8

Customizing your new Win8 installation

  • Add custom tiles to the Win8 start screen
  • Getting to know Windows 8’s File Explorer
  • Navigate Win8 quickly with keyboard shortcuts
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