The Windows 8 Guide, Volume 3 (E-book)

Moving up to Win8.1 and Win8 Maintenance

Windows 8 Guide, Volume 3

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This third volume in our series of Windows 8 Guides starts by reviewing the changes to Windows 8 in Version 8.1. It then goes on to thoroughly explain one of the most important tasks for Windows users – backing up and restoring the operating system, applications, and data on their personal computers. Like all Windows Secrets ebooks, this edition pulls together some of the best stories from the weekly Windows Secrets Newsletter.

It’s safe to say that Windows 8 is the most significant change in Microsoft’s operating system – ever. In many ways, getting the most out of Windows 8 is more difficult for experienced Windows hands than it is for first-time users. For anyone who’s spent years working with Windows XP and/or Windows 7, there’s much that’s familiar – but there’s also much that is hidden, obscure, or just plain perplexing.

Even those moving from the original Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 might feel challenged by changes. (In most cases, we now refer to both versions of the OS as Windows 8; the original version as Win8, and the upgraded edition as Win8.1.)

We hope that our guides to Windows 8 will jump start your learning process and serve as quick references when you simply can’t remember the “Windows 8 way.”

We think you’ll find this third Windows 8 ebook a valuable addition to your technology library.
Happy Windows computing!

– The Windows Secrets editors

Table of Contents

Working with Windows 8.1

  • Tinkering with Win8.1’s UI
  • How to spend your first hour with Windows 8.1
  • Moving up to Windows 8.1 without an MS account
  • ‘PC settings’ gets major makeover in Win8.1

Preserving your Windows 8 system

  • Understanding Windows 8′s File History
  • How to make File History retain drive IDs
  • Windows 8.1′s new, built-in image-backup tool
  • A ‘no-reformat reinstall’ for Windows 8
  • A clean-slate reinstall for Windows 8
  • Creating customized recovery images for Win8

Windows 8 Troubleshooting

  • Understanding Win8′s disk Optimize feature
  • A warning regarding Win8′s File History
  • Win8 PC refuses to boot from DVDs and CDs
  • Win8 dragging its feet on small network
  • Running Windows XP-era software in Win8
  • Rebuilding indexing clears File History bug
  • One click disables Windows’ password protection
  • Finding and using Win8′s crash reports
  • Working with user accounts in Windows 8x