The Windows 7 Guides (vol 1 and 2) E-books

Windows 7 Guides (Vol 1 and 2) 

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Got PC Troubles? The Win7 Guide, vol 1 and vol 2, cover the sometimes confusing task of installing, optimizing, and effectively using Windows 7. No matter what your skill level, you’ll find that this collection will save you time and money — and hopefully relieves a good bit of the stress that comes with maintaining your system.

Win7 Guide vol 1: Setting-up, Optimizing, and Using your Win7 System

Since Windows 7’s release, Windows Secrets has rapidly accumulated and published a huge amount of hands-on information about this newest Windows version. That’s where this Windows 7 Setup Guide e-book comes in. It contains Windows Secrets’ very best articles on installing, setting up, and first using Windows 7.

In Part 1, you’ll learn how to make Windows 7 play well in a mixed-OS network environment, how to understand the difference between HomeGroup and the classic networking setup, and how to make Win7 run faster. We also tell you about some of Win7’s less-known tools. Read more »

Volume 1, covers three main topics:

  • Install or upgrade to Windows 7
  • Optimize your new Win7 setup for safety and ease of use
  • Get up to speed, fast!

Win7 Guide vol 2: Preserving your new Win7 setup and backing up your data

Part 2 gives you the tools and knowledge you need to never lose data again. We’ve all been there — losing a crucial document or that favorite, wacky photo of the family dog can ruin your whole day. Part 2 covers Win7’s extensive OS/data-backup system, shows you how to create a complete OS safety net, and how to recover quickly when disaster strikes. Read more »

Volume 2, Troubleshooting, tuning, and securing your Win7 system, covers three main topics:

  • Work through Win7’s roughest spots
  • Protect your data – never lose data again!

Happy and safe computing!

      — The editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter