Windows Secrets Winter Bundle 1 (10 ebooks for Win7)

Win7 (Volumes 1,2,3), Data and Internet Security Guides (1 and 2), Drive Maintenance, PC Maintenance, Security, Hardware Guides and Traveling with Digital Tech – 10 ebooks – 40% OFF!


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Are you concerned about online security? Do you have issues with Win7? Want to learn more about drive maintenance? Do you need travel assistance for your devices? Got PC Troubles? No matter what your skill level is, you’ll find the information you need in this special edition 10 e-book collection that will save you time and money! Buy it now for only $59.95 – limited time offer!

Windows 7 Guides

No matter what your skill level, you’ll find that this collection will save you time and money — and hopefully relieves a good bit of the stress that comes with maintaining your system.

The Windows 7 Guides include three volumes:

  • Volume 1: Setting up, optimizing, and using your Win7 system
  • Volume 2: Troubleshooting, tuning, and securing your Win7 system
  • Volume 3: Advanced maintenance and troubleshooting


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The Data and Internet Security Guide, Vol 1 and 2

If you’re truly concerned with online security – and obviously you should be – simply keeping your anti-malware app and browsers updated isn’t enough. There’s no such thing as perfect security, but using some specialized apps and techniques will go most of the way toward keeping your data and personal information completely safe

The Data and Internet Security Guide, Vol 1 and 2 Guides include:

  • Volume 1: Basic tips and tools for safe computing – on and off the Web
  • Volume 2: Advanced tips and tools for safe computing – on and off the Web


PC Maintenance Guide
Simple effective tips for tuning, upgrading, & repairing your Windows PC

The PC Maintenance Guide is a concise ebook that covers three major categories:

  • Upgrading your system
  • Tuning up/speeding up your PC
  • Emergency troubleshooting


Drive Maintenance
Tips for managing hard drives, flash drives, and more

These days, your hard drives often function as your digital file cabinets. They store photos, books, music, and film libraries; they’re where you keep letters, financial documents, lists, and so on – in other words, much of life’s miscellaneous data. That’s strong motivation to take good care of these vital repositories.

  • General drive maintenance
  • Hard drive troubleshooting
  • Working with solid-state drives


PC Hardware Guide
Tips for troubleshooting, optimizing, and maintaining your system

With the proliferation of digital devices and the many ways we use them, your software and hardware interactions are bound to cause problems from time to time.We have compiled a collection of pieces from the Windows Secrets Newsletter to address hardware questions in several categories:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading
  • Keeping your stuff both safe and useful


PC Security Guide
Best practices for safe, secure computing on the Web

For better or worse, more of our daily activities are spent on the Internet. That online activity comes with risk — and it’s a threat that’s becoming difficult to counter. To help keep you safe online, the PC Security Guide covers three categories:

  • Security Basics: Getting a grip on the problem
  • Security software and hardware: What to choose
  • Best practices: Protecting your data and devices everywhere


Traveling with Digital Tech

We love traveling. They give us a break from the usual routine and let us spend more time discovering places or visiting friends and family. But traveling can also be stressful – especially when it comes to bringing some entertainment or adapting your technology for the road. We can’t help you with cramped plane seats or long hours in the car, but we can give you helpful tips on mobile computing and on-the-road digital entertainment. This volumes includes information about:

  • “Mobile computing,” we start with tips and tricks for taking digital devices on your journeys – both long and short.
  • “Sharing media,” gives you the scoop on the easiest ways to share photos, spruce up and send videos for free, and more.
  • “Entertainment on the road,” has tips on enjoying multimedia while on the road.

Happy and safe computing!

The editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter

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