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We have an exclusive offer for you! Now you can complete your collection with this special offer bundle! There are many changes in Windows 8 that confuse even seasoned Windows users.

The Windows 8 Guide – Volume 2: Working with Windows 8

There are many changes in Windows 8 that confuse even seasoned Windows users. In Volume 2, we begin with a discussion of Microsoft accounts. Understanding Microsoft accounts tells you what‘s required and what’s optional. Then we delve into the operating system’s two backup and restore systems and finally we offer some tips on Windows 8 oddities and how advanced users can make it work a bit faster. Read more »

The Windows 8 Guide – Volume 3: Moving up to Win8.1 and Win8 Maintenance

It’s safe to say that Windows 8 is the most significant change in Microsoft’s operating system – ever. In many ways, getting the most out of Windows 8 is more difficult for experienced Windows hands than it is for first-time users. For anyone who’s spent years working with Windows XP and/or Windows 7, there’s much that’s familiar – but there’s also much that is hidden, obscure, or just plain perplexing. Read more »

PC Maintenance Guide
Simple effective tips for tuning, upgrading, & repairing your Windows PC

Over the years, Windows Secrets has accumulated a vast amount of information about maintaining Windows and Windows-related hardware and software. The PC Maintenance Guide is a concise e-book that covers three major categories: upgrading your system, tuning up/speeding up your PC
and Emergency troubleshooting. Read more »

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