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Do you maintain your own PC? Then this e-book bundle is for you. The PC Maintenance, Security and Hardware Guides provide Windows Secrets best tips on the topic of maintaining, troublshooting and securing your PC.

PC Maintenance Guide
Simple effective tips for tuning, upgrading, & repairing your Windows PC

The PC Maintenance Guide is a concise e-book that covers three major categories:

  • Upgrading your system
  • Tuning up/speeding up your PC
  • Emergency troubleshooting

PC Hardware Guide
Tips for troubleshooting, optimizing, and maintaining your system

With the proliferation of digital devices and the many ways we use them, your software and hardware interactions are bound to cause problems from time to time.We have compiled a collection of pieces from the Windows Secrets Newsletter to address hardware questions in several categories:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading
  • Keeping your stuff both safe and useful

PC Security Guide
Best practices for safe, secure computing on the Web

For better or worse, more of our daily activities are spent on the Internet. That online activity comes with risk — and it’s a threat that’s becoming difficult to counter. To help keep you safe online, the PC Security Guide covers three categories:

  • Security Basics: Getting a grip on the problem
  • Security software and hardware: What to choose
  • Best practices: Protecting your data and devices everywhere

Happy and safe computing!

The editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter