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During registration, you were asked for only one real answer, your email address, and you accepted the Forum Rules. I suggest reading them again and the Board FAQ. It explains a lot more than will be found here.

Whatever you used as your 'Username', will be how you will be addressed by other members. If for example your 'Username' is longer than usual, members will abbreviate it. Mine is 'Roderunner', but usually referred to as 'RR' by forum regulars, even with my real name( & PC Specs) as part of my 'Signature'.

The best example is by Lounge VIP member Ted Myers. The choice is yours.

Posting a New Thread

When you need help, look at the 'Thread list' to ensure its posted in the right one. Then look through it, going back a month or two (2), to see if another member has posted a similar post. Their is also a 'Search' feature, but may not be described in the same manner. It's occasionally successful.

Don't be afraid to ask, if its in the wrong place, it can be moved by the Staff.

Please read your text prior to posting it, to check for misprints.

How to make an Image

How to make an image.

There are 2 methods, using the 'Print Screen' (PrtSc) key on the keyboard and the 'Snipping Tool'.

If its a full screen image, or an image including information from a drop down box that vanishes when the cursor is moved, use 'Print Screen', otherwise use the Snipping Tool.

Press 'PrtSc' on the keyboard. On the Start Menu 'Search Box', type paint and press 'Enter' when it opens, click 'Paste'.

Now it has to be saved before it can be edited (if required). Click, File>Save as... from the file type options, choose the one you want. If you intend to alter or edit the image, 'jpeg' must be selected. I use 'Paint', Paint.Net' and 'Windows Live Photo Gallery' for editting.

To take images from the sceen, use the 'Snipping Tool'. On the Start Menu 'Search Box', type snipping tool. Set its 'Options' how you want them. Its shape can be changed by clicking the drop down arrow on the 'New tab'. Their is a 'Highlighting' feature also, but only yellow.

Posting an Image or File

Method 1

To post an image or file you must be using the 'Post New Thread' option or by clicking the 'Go Advanced' button, it can be found at the bottom of the 'Quick Reply' box.

When it opens, click the 'Paperclip' icon, click Browse, navigate to the item to be added. 3 items can be done at the same time. (Permitted file types and sizes are also displayed). Click 'Upload' when ready, and wait till they appear. Close this window.

Now your back to the post box, click the 'Paperclip' icon again to add to your post. Position sensibly prior to submitting your post.

Method 2

Posting an image or file using the 'Quick Reply' box.

Click the 'Image' icon. In the window that opens, click Browse, navigate to the item to be added. Click 'Upload fIle(s)' it will be added to your post automatically. Repeat to add more. Images or files can also be uploaded from another website. Positon sensibly before posting.

Ignore 'Allowed File Types' in this window. This is wrong, all permitted types are allowed.

Images and files can also be uploaded from another website in both methods.

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