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    Create a VBA add-in (2002)

    I need to check the basic procedure for creating an add-in that contains VBA procedures. Should the 'add-in' be saved as a Document Template? When it's added in will it always remain hidden in the background? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Create a VBA add-in (2002)

    A Word add-in is a standard document template (.dot).
    It acts as an add-in if you place it in one of the startup folders for Word:
    - Cocuments and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftWordStartup is the default user-specific location.
    - C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10Startup is the default application-wide location (affects all users)
    Or if the user adds it in the Tools | Templates and Add-Ins dialog.
    Templates acting as an add-in will be loaded invisibly.

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