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    Security with 1 file folder on network drive (Windows XP Professional)

    With Windows XP it is easy to lock a file folder from others by "not sharing" and denying other users from access when the folder is on the C: drive. However, if you take this locked folder and move or copy it to a network drive, all the locked security features are stripped. I have tried everything even as administrator and I can not lock one file folder and it's subfolders on the network drive from access from everyone but me. When I do lockout everyone, I'm also locked out even though I tell it I'm the owner of the file folder and it's subs and I give myself as well as the administrator (me) access rights. We have Windows NT with SP3 on the network drive.

    Can just 1 file folder and it's subfolders be locked to all other users on a network drive and only be accessed by the owner of that file folder? No need to reply - see below.

    Just figured this out. by Removing the Everyone group from the permissions? then adding myself with full permissions.

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    Re: Security with 1 file folder on network drive (Windows XP Professional)

    Thanks for posting the solution so that it may help the next person with this problem.


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