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    Outline numbering broken (Word 2000 (no SR))

    I use outline numbering to number paragraphs. I always use the 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, scheme. This has almost always worked well, but today it started numbering incorrectly. This usually happens in the third indent. For example, it would be 2.1.1 so the next paragraph should be 2.1.2, but it ends up as 2.1.1 and this numbering continues as 2.1.1 with no change.

    I have tried using the customize area to "fix" things, but I believe that I have made things worse. Please note that this has never been associated with styles, and is still not. I note that I am ending up with "11.1.1" or" in the Number Format and Preview boxes.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Outline numbering broken (Word 2000 (no SR))


    Unfortunately efforts to create outline numbering, without associating styles to the outline levels, often end in tragedy <g>.

    Anyway, one tip to try is to always edit your outline numbering scheme while the insertion point is in a paragraph that has the first level of numbering - that is, never go to Format > Bullets and Numbering while the selection or insertion point is in a paragraph that has the second or third etc. level of numbering - what happens when you do that is that the outline list actually gets broken into separate lists.


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    Re: Outline numbering broken (Word 2000 (no SR))


    Styles definitely are the way to go if you want to produce stable outline numbering, but if you really don't want to use them, the second best solution would be to strip all numbering from your document and start again.

    But really, you're going to spend so much time and energy swatting those numbers back into line, it'd be quicker (and better for your blood pressure!) to use styles.

    Apart from anything else, you frequently want the text at, for instance, 1.1 to be formatted differently to the text at, for instance, 1.1.1, and styles allow you to do that faster and more consistently. My approach is to assign a style to each level, with keyboard shortcuts of Alt+1 for the first level, Alt+2 for the second, etc.

    Charles Kenyon's posts contain links to lots of good stuff on the subject.

    Good luck (you may need it <img src=/S/crazy.gif border=0 alt=crazy width=15 height=15> )


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