Evenin' All !

This seems to be my week for hardware questions.

After searching here, I found only scant information about PCI TV tuner cards for HD TV and that was somewhat dated (Mar 07). Does anyone have any more recent experience to share about what's in the marketplace? I've seen cards on that big online auction site and elsewhere ranging in price from $10US to several hundred USD. I'd like to be able to view in a small window on my LCD monitor whilst web surfing and otherwise using my PC. Of course, I'd like to be able to schedule and record programs for later viewing, too. FM would be nice but not essential. HD radio would also be nice. What should one look for and what should one avoid in shopping for a PCI TV tuner card that will receive both regular digital and HD TV? What features are nice-to-have and which are "must buys"? Do they come in both cable-ready and cable/antenna combo's? With such price dispersion (and so little knowledge), it's hard to know what's a bargain and what's a waste of money.

All responses will be gratefully received and greatly appreciated.