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    Copying from array (2002)

    I recall that there is a method of copying data en masse from a VBA array into a worksheet. I believe it requires a Variant, but can't recall the precise code that would copy the array of data, starting from A1 for example? Any ideas? Andy.

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    Re: Copying from array (2002)

    Since a range consists of rows and columns, the trick is to use a two-dimensional array, even if you want to fill only a single column. Example:

    Sub FillFromArray()
    Dim arrValues(1 To 10, 1 To 1)
    Dim i As Integer
    ' Fill the array
    For i = 1 To 10
    arrValues(i, 1) = "Item number " & i
    Next i
    ' Fill the range
    Range("A1:A10") = arrValues
    End Sub

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