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    forms and queries (Access 2003)

    I want to create a form that my coworkers can run queries from. How do I create a form with buttons or something my coworkers can select which query they want to run? Basically, I would love to have something pop up when they open the database that has a list of all the queries I have built, and they can just hit a button to get that query. Then they won't mess the queries I have set up.

    It may be an elementary question, but I don't really know Access really well.

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    Re: forms and queries (Access 2003)

    Personally, I would never let end users view or open tables or queries directly; all interaction with data ought to be through forms and reports.
    But if you want to display a list of queries and let the user open the selected query, you can do it using the method in the attached demo database.
    The list of queries is returned by a query on the hidden system table MSysObjects, and displayed in a list box on the form frmDemo. This form has been set as startup form in Tools | Startup.
    The user can select a query name and press Enter or click OK. It is also possible to double click a query name.

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