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    Presentation on multiple PCs?? (PP 2002)

    Hi there,
    I have to deliver a presentation in a multimedia room with no big screen.
    The room does have 16 PCs which are networked and internet capable.

    Is it possible to display my presentation on all PCs simultaneously.
    Bascially what i want to do is this:
    When i move forward one slide on my PC.
    The presentation moves forward one slide on all the PCs with no interaction from the user. If fact it's important the user can't move forward or backwards at all but must watch the presentation as I show it.

    Any help on this would be a real: pay it forward, dig out, monkey off my back, decent thing to do.


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    Re: Presentation on multiple PCs?? (PP 2002)

    The first thing that comes to mind is an application sharing tool like NetMeeting, WebEx, etc. which lets the users view a meeting online and see your desktop. I do this a lot when I'm having meetings with remote users. Like anything else, it all depends on your budget and if this is a one-time use or an ongoing need to justify the expense. Do some research on collaboration software and remote meetings for types of software that do this.


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